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How to apply

Depending on the status of international students and the type of study programme they are enrolling in, the admissions process and its requirements can differ. Students are therefore advised to check these accordingly. The usual types of international student status in Croatia include:

  • Degree-seeking students (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate)
  • Exchange students (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, Bilateral agreements)
  • Guest students (free-movers, short-term study).

Students who are citizens of EU member states may enrol in study programmes under the same conditions as Croatian citizens. There might be different enrolment conditions for third country nationals, so please check with prospective HEI. 

For admission to a higher education institution, there are some general and some institution-specific requirements depending on the level of study.

Admissions to study programmes in the Croatian language are administered through a central online application system, for which prospective students must fill in an application form and select up to 10 study programmes they wish to apply to at any higher education institution in Croatia. For study programmes in English (and other foreign languages) targeting international students, specific requirements apply for each institution, therefore it is best to contact the institution of interest directly about admission requirements. Please consult the List of Study Programmes in English and/or the Register of Study Programmes

Higher education institutions determine the enrolment criteria which are the basis for classification and selection of candidates. For degree programmes, these usually consist of:

  • Educational qualifications (type of previously completed education)
  • Achievements from previous education (grades obtained), and for undergraduate programmes in Croatian language the results of State Matura exams (national school leaving exam)
  • Results of additional entrance classification exams, if requested by higher education institution
  • Special knowledge, skills or abilities, if requested by higher education institution (Proof of knowledge of the English language)
  • For exchange programmes, the selection criteria are not usually based on students’ educational qualifications and grades, but on the applicants’ motivation, usually assessed through a candidate’s application form, motivation letter and an interview. The information provided in this section is therefore primarily addressed to prospective students wishing to enrol in degree programmes. Prospective students interested in exchange programmes should consult the exchange programme competition announcements at their respective universities, which have bilateral agreements with Croatian higher education institutions. More information is also available in this portal, in the subsection ”Exchange Programmes”. 

For some programmes in Croatian, foreign citizens might be required to take the standardized Croatian language test at Level B2.

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