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Student work

International students can work in Croatia using the Student Service administered by the Student Centre. Student Service provides matchmaking services, connecting students with prospective employers. The Student Service offices are usually units of local Student centres (Studentski centar) which are also responsible for subsidised student accommodation and meals.  The Student Service is available to both EU citizens and third country nationals. The student work positions offered by the Student Service are part-time and temporary, allowing students to adjust their work engagement to their student obligations.

The salary is calculated per hour and the minimum net amount for the year 2024 is 5,25 EUR/hour. Work during sundays, public holidays and nights (from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM) is paid 50 % more.

For all foreign students working through the Student Service, their employers are obliged to cover intermediary services of the Student Service and additional fees, which is additional 18% of the abovementioned net amounts received by the student.

Starting from 2024. students can earn up to 10,080,00 EUR net in one year without the income from the student work being taxed. In cases where a student earns more than that net amount in one year, additional income taxation rules apply. Double taxation can be avoided if the Republic of Croatia signed a treaty for the avoidance of double taxation with the student’s country of origin. For more information, it is best to refer to the Croatian Tax Administration office