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In this section, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions. In case you didn`t find the information you were looking for, feel free to contact us via e-mail Please, check also the International Student Guide to Croatia, it will give you useful advice and instructions to study in Croatia!


Where can I find COVID-19 travel and other relevant information for Croatia?

Updated and accurate information on Coronavirus, travel information, health restrictions and other news is available at the Official government website for accurate and verified information on Coronavirus

Why should I choose Croatia for my studies?

Croatia is an ideal place for students wishing to study in a country renowned for its beautiful coast, for its mix of Mediterranean and South-Eastern European charm and for its rich historical and cultural heritage. In total, Croatia has 133higher education institutions located in all parts of the country - including on Croatia’s spectacular Adriatic coast. With its long academic tradition (more than 350 years) and more than 1500 study programmes to choose from, Croatia is also a safe country with reasonable living costs and a multi-lingual community.

Are there English-taught study programmes in Croatia?

Yes, apart from study programmes in Croatian, higher education institutions provide study programmes in English. For more information please visit the Register of study programmes

Are there any tuition fees for international students?

Tuition fees for study programmes in Croatia are determined by each higher education institution. The level of tuition fees depends on the type of study programme and its duration. It is therefore important that prospective students directly contact the higher education institution they are interested in for precise information about tuition fees. 

The range of tuition fees for international students varies depending on the higher education institution and field of study. Tuition fees for degree programmes in the humanities and social sciences can range from 1,100 EUR to 10,400 EUR per year, in natural and technical sciences approximately between 1,000 and 6,000 EUR per year and for medical studies between 10,000 and 12,000 EUR per year. There might be additional application fees between 60 EUR and 300 EUR.

Can I work while studying?

International students can work in Croatia using the Student Service administered by the Student Centre. Student Service provides matchmaking services, connecting students with prospective employers. The Student Service offices are usually units of local Student centres (Studentski centar). The student work positions offered by the Student Service are part-time and temporary, allowing students to adjust their work engagement to their student obligations. The salary is calculated per hour and the minimum net amount is 26,56 HRK/hour (3,51 EUR/hour - April 2021 exchange rate).

I want to study in Croatia, how can I apply?

The first step would be to visit the Register of Study Programmes. When you find one or more study programmes and institutions of interest, you can visit for the admission criteria and for information on the admission process due to differences in criteria for various institutions. Admissions to undergraduate study programmes in Croatia are generally administered through the central online application system, admissions to some graduate study programmes are administered via the centralised applications porocedure at and some are administered by HEIs. Admissions to postgraduate study programmes are always administered by HEIs.

I'm interested in a specific field of study, where can I apply?

Please check the section “Study institutions and programmes” on the right side of the Study in Croatia homepage. Please make sure to filter the study programmes in English, Croatian or other languages you might be interested in. When you find one or more study programmes of interest, you can visit for the criteria and admission process due to differences in criteria for various institutions.

Is there a central organization that processes applications or do universities do that separately?

Generally speaking, admissions to undergraduate study programmes in Croatia are administered through a central online application system and admissions to graduate and postgraduate programmes are administered by higher education institutions. 

Is there a specific language examination that candidates must take?

The higher education institutions decide on the language requirements for the study programmes they provide. The list of institutions and study programmes is available in the section “Study institutions and programmes”.

How and where can I apply for a visa?

Nationals of countries subject to the visa requirement need to procure an entry visa for Croatia (viza C). Information on countries subject to the visa requirement can be found on the website of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Visas are issued by a diplomatic mission or consulate of the Republic of Croatia in a foreign national’s home country or the nearest Croatian diplomatic mission or consular office. The visa request form can be filled out online but the paper copy of the form along with supporting documents should be submitted in person no more than 3 months before the start of the intended visit. Visa applicants should be able to prove that they have valid travel medical insurance and means of support during their stay in Croatia (e.g. letter of guarantee, bank statement, proof of scholarship award). The next step is to apply for a temporary stay.

 Where can I find other useful information?

In the Study in Croatia portal section “Study programmes and institutions”, you can find the complete list of available study programmes, searchable by area, levels, institutions and languages, including institutions` contacts. Please also check other sections of the portal, namely “Study in Croatia” and “Live & work in Croatia”. Feel free to contact us via for any questions you may have.

All relevant and detailed information on the application procedure for undergraduate and graduate study programmes in the Republic of Croatia may be found on