Study in Croatia!

Admissions and enrolment

Admissions to undergraduate study programmes in Croatia are administered through a central online application system and admissions to graduate and postgraduate programmes are administered by higher education institutions.

Depending on the status of international students and the type of study programme they are enrolling, the admissions process and its requirements can differ. Students are therefore advised to check these accordingly. The usual types of international student status in Croatia include:

  • Degree-seeking students (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate)
  • Exchange students (Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, CEEPUS, bilateral agreements)
  • Guest students (free-movers, short-term study).

From the moment Croatia becomes a full member of the European Union, students who are citizens of EU member states will be able to enrol in study programmes under the same conditions as Croatian citizens.

Degree programmes

For admission to a higher education institution, there are some general and some institution-specific requirements depending on the level of study.

Admissions to undergraduate study programmes in Croatia are administered through a central online application system, for which prospective students must fill in an application form and select up to 10 study programmes they wish to apply to at any higher education institution in Croatia. More information about the application procedure is available in the section “How to apply”.

Admissions to graduate and postgraduate study programmes in Croatia are administered by higher education institutions, so prospective students must apply directly to higher education institutions regarding the application process, deadlines and application documents.

It should also be noted that admissions to most study programmes in Croatia is restricted, which means that the maximum number of places available for a specific study programme is subject to an annual decision by higher education institutions.

Exchange programmes and other non-degree programmes

The admissions requirements and deadlines for exchange students and guest students vary and are prescribed by the public competition for the exchange programme in question or by the specific agreements between partner higher education institutions. Please see the section “University bilateral agreements” for further details.